Storage pod 4 is one of the storage pods on the ship Antares. It was the last of the storage pods to have its contents delivered and they were delivered by the Bertran Corporation. Pod 4 is officially listed in the manifest as containing surplus supplies, more specifically: medical supplies, dried rations, circuit boards and other objects. However, what is actually contained within the pod is the entity known as "Beta". ("Threshold")  ("Love, Honor, Obey")

Though initially only Ted Shaw was instructed to go to the pod and all other access was denied, the rest of the Antares crew has since visited pod 4 and had contact with Beta. However, what Beta has shown each of them is still a mystery and it seems that for the moment, Jen Crane is unable to see Beta. ("Love, Honor, Obey")  ("Eve Ate the Apple")

Also in Pod 4 are six empty vessels similar to the one Beta occupies. These empty spaces are to be filled with the other "entities" that the Antares is to obtain during its mission. ("Eve Ate the Apple")

After the Venus mission, Gamma took its place in one of the remaining six vessels, leaving five vacant vessels. ("Kiss")