In 2042, the 5-man mission to Mars occurred. It was led by Mike Goss and crewed by Ted Shaw, Maddux Donner, Sharon Lewis and Jeff Walker. Goss piloted the ship, Zeus, in orbit while the other four took the Calliope lander to the surface. Sharon and Walker were both caught in an unexpected storm and were unable to make it back to the lander before Donner and Shaw were forced by Goss to abandon them on the surface. ("Pilot")

The official video and statement sent to press was that the Earth video feed of the incident cut out before Donner and Shaw left the planet surface, however this was orchestrated by Mike Goss and other unknown peoples. The actual feed continued several seconds longer, showing that Mike Goss gave the order to launch the lander from the planet, leaving Lewis and Walker behind, despite Donner's continued pleas to wait a few seconds longer.