The crew learns about the hidden element in Pod 4 and the true nature of their mission when the Antares draws nearer to Venus; Mike Goss reveals the true nature of the mission.

Plot Edit

15 years earlier, at Hawk Creek Observatory, two scientists discover a signal coming from Mars, focused at the plains of Nazca. They then detect another signal coming from Nazca. It appears that the two signals are talking to each other.

The crew of the Antares are staring into a strangely lit Pod 4. They enter the pod and look around it. Inside are some strange vessels. Ted Shaw presses a button near one to reveal Beta. Steve Wassenfelder describes Beta as a fractal. Suddenly, a loud whale song like music is heard. Zoe Barnes claims to know where this music is coming from. Everyone leaves the pod except Jen Crane. It is then revealed that she cannot see Beta. All the crew crowd into the cupola and discover that the music is coming from the Gamma object, on Venus. Donner is angry with Ted for not telling him about Beta. A briefing begins about Beta. Eve Shaw tells everyone that she is there solely because of the object. When she was 18, she worked for the Crisis Corps in Nazca after some mudslides. Two years earlier, she lost here entire family to Hurricane Ophelia. After a hard days work, she kept on hearing this music. She is eventually compelled to find the music. She heads out onto the desert plain and starts digging. Then the Bertran Corporation come and take her into custody. They then start digging for the object and it eventually reveals itself. She runs back to camp.

Mike says that the object was taken to Nevada for testing, where it was determined to be organic though not made of elements on the periodic table. Donner asks about the empty containers in Pod 4. Mike says that Beta was discovered in Nazca. They believe the Alpha object is on Mars. Donner still wants to know about the rest of the containers. Mike reveals that 5 other focused signals have communicated with Beta over the years. The Gamma object is on Venus, Delta on Mercury, Epsilon on Europa, Zeta in the rings of Saturn and Eta on the surface of Pluto. Mike then reveals that collecting the objects is the primary goal of the Antares mission.