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"Kiss" - Season 1
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'Defying Gravity' Not Canceled in US
From The Futon Critic
Let the speculation end: ABC's "Defying Gravity" is still very much alive. A network spokesperson has confirmed the Alphabet hasn't pulled the plug on the show and is still mulling scheduling options going forward. Read more...

'Defying Gravity' Has Been Canceled After 8 Episodes
By Bryan Jones, TV Overmind
For the small (and we mean very small) group of fans who loved this show, it is a sad day, as it seems that ABC has canceled Defying Gravity without airing all of it's planned (and filmed) thirteen episodes. While no official announcement has come from ABC yet, the decision was made clear during the September 13 broadcast where ABC announced it as being the Season Finale and didn't show any previews for the next episode at the end. Read more...

'Defying Gravity' star Ron Livingston: Space sex and The EW Pop Culture Personality Test


By Mandi Bierly,
On ABC’s new drama Defying Gravity (premieres Sunday, 9 p.m. ET), Ron Livingston plays one of eight astronauts — four men, four women — who embark on a six-year mission to explore the solar system. Or so they think that’s their objective. Turns out, there’s something Mission Control refers to as “Beta” pulling the strings. What it is and what it wants are mysteries that unfold over 13 episodes, which split time between the current happenings on the spacecraft Antares and flashbacks to the crew’s training and selection process.

So what can Livingston, who stars as flight engineer/tragic hero/ladies man Maddux Donner, tell us about the series from former executive producers of Grey’s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives? There will be space sex. Read more...

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